tell me what Loki looks like to you? I’ve only ever seen him once (twice?) and his face was covered. Once in a dream: I’m 90% sure he had long, scruffy reddish brown hair that time and he was dressed pretty normal every day style but his hood was pulled down. Once “irl” (I may have been breathing too much incense): He had black hair and green eyes and didn’t look so old. Early to mid 20s maybe.

that was the time he hijacked my lil ritual for odin


I’ve been trying not to use this blog bcuz I’m an embarrassment to the tag however koudelkazlato was me thats a different blog/different theme, idk.

I was on the bus yesterday and I thought to myself, “part the reason I have so much self doubt when it comes to him is that he only seems to be around when I want him to be. For me to really trust my inklings and possible signs, I’d need him to appear when I DONT want him to which is an impossibility because there’s no situation where I wouldn’t want him there.”

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where is sammi?

I think I missed something… her blog is gone??? Am I going to the wrong url???? or is she??? actually gone????

If she deleted and left, I just want to say it’ll be a loss to us all, I’m serious. 


Loki, please give me the will to persevere through this holiday.

Sigyn, please comfort me in my moments of fear and pain.

Feeling a bit sick because I promised Loki and Sigyn I’d do a bunch of stuff I can’t necessarily do. None of it is harmful, it’s just beyond my usual boundaries of comfort.

My thinking is, I know they will understand if I can’t do some of it but will know I tried my best and will know that my intentions were to complete it. So I’m telling myself I promised to finish it rather than to try in an attempt to push myself. 

Urrrgh. I suck.

Hope everyone’s having a good day and stuff. :3

now that i think about it, worldbreaker

beyond your comfort zone isn’t always a grand adventure.

Loki pushes me so hard lately. I don’t think I’m dealing with worldbreaker here, more like exasperated mentor.

"You want a job? Here. Take a soul crushing temporary position that’s barely worth the two months you’ll have it. As an added bonus, you’ll be in a careers department where you’ll spend all day giving people jobs they don’t want for even worse money."

"Oh sure, I’ll help you work on your self esteem. But just remember, the more you’re restored, the more he falls behind. What’s a normal attitude to you is "loud" to him. You’ll get bored with spending whole weekends in front of the tv. The little snipes he makes at your weight and looks will start to piss you off, and what you deem to be a normal sex drive will be whorish and shameful to him. Enjoy it. Ha!"

"Hey, yeah, carrying on from that… here’s something new: being attracted to people for looks. Never had that before, have you?! It’s odd, isn’t it?! Flies right in the face of the image everyone has of you. Such fun!"

"If it makes you feel any better, the courses I want you to take start almost immediately after your job ends. Basically, what I’m saying is, do this for yourself or I’ll fuck everything up for you again. I do it because I love you."

He constantly pushes and pushes me to think things and feel things I had never considered a possibility. He latches onto small ideas I have for things I could do with my life and sinks his claws right in. He forces me to face the endless blank space that is my life and he hands me a box of crayons and says "Go ahead! What are you so afraid of?!"

But the thing is, I’m afraid of everything.

When my absence doesn’t alter your life, then my presence has no meaning in it.
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sometimes when I get a first impression, it’s really hard for me to shake it.

so I wanna ask, does anyone else feel like this tag has an underlying sense of hesitance? self consciousness, maybe? I often feel like people talk so formally because they’re scared of someone…

No one should be afraid of that because no one can judge you here. No one knows your life and if they pretend they do, they’re the ones with issues. It makes me so mad to see so many people are sort of pushed into dulling themselves down to please a bunch of asspained elitists who for some reason think their word is law.

I didn’t honestly think anyone did that (because I don’t get about much in this area of tumblr) until I encountered one last night and now I just want to burn the whole tag to the ground and rebuild it with a membership system that has one simple condition: “Are you an asshole? No? Come right in.”